Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bracket Projection- 12/25/16

MIDWEST(1)-Kansas City, MO
Tulsa, OK
1 Baylor
16 UC-Irvine/NC-Central
Salt Lake City, UT
5 Maryland
12 Middle Tennessee State
13 Valparaiso
6 Notre Dame
11 UNC-Wilmington
3 Kentucky
Indianapolis, IN
7 Florida State
10 Arkansas
2 Butler
15 Akron

SOUTH(4)-Memphis, TN
Sacramento, CA
1 Gonzaga
16 Nicholls State
8 Cincinnati
9 Virginia Tech
Orlando, FL
5 Purdue
12 Wichita State
4 North Carolina
13 Tennessee State
Greenville, SC
6 Oregon
11 UT-Arlington
3 Duke
14 Chattanooga
Tulsa, OK
7 Northwestern
10 Seton Hall
2 Kansas
15 Florida Gulf Coast

EAST(2)-New York, NY
Buffalo, NY
1 Villanova
16 Bucknell/Wagner
8 Pittsburgh
Salt Lake City, UT
5 Arizona
12 Nevada
4 Virginia
13 Monmouth
Milwaukee, WI
6 St. Mary's
11 Rhode Island
3 Indiana
14 Eastern Washington
Indianapolis, IN
7 Oklahoma State
10 Texas A&M
2 Louisville
15 Yale

WEST(3)-San Jose, CA
Sacramento, CA
16 Texas Southern
8 Temple
9 Illinois
Orlando, FL
5 Xavier
12 Wake Forest/South Carolina
4 Wisconsin
13 Winthrop
Buffalo, NY
6 Florida
11 Colorado/Clemson
3 West Virginia
14 New Mexico State
Milwaukee, WI
7 Minnesota
10 Stanford
2 Creighton
15 Vermont

Danger Zone
Last 10 in: Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Seton Hall, Texas A&M, Stanford, Rhode Island, Wake Forest, Colorado, Clemson, South Carolina
First 10 Out: Providence, Michigan, Miami, FL, Arkansas State, Dayton, Ole Miss, Iowa State, Kansas State, Houston, Georgetown
Multiple Bid Conferences
ACC- 10
Big Ten- 7
Pac-12- 6
Big 12- 5
Big East- 5
SEC- 5
A-10- 2

Saturday, December 3, 2016

College Football New Year's Six Bowls Projection

With the season complete, the final rankings will be revealed tomorrow. There are a lot of questions that come into play. Will the Top 4 stay the same? Does Penn State get in over Ohio State? Does Washington or Clemson get left out? Does the Big Ten get two teams? Does Ohio State fall from 2 to 5? There are different ways to evaluate each resume. The simple solution is for the Top 4 to stay the same. Alabama dominated Florida and will be the #1 seed in the playoff. Clemson beat Virginia Tech while Washington destroyed Colorado. Ohio State was idle but with wins over Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Michigan gives them a strong case to stay in the Top 4. Penn State has the head-to-head victory over Ohio State and won the Big Ten Championship. Their biggest con on their resume is having Two Losses. The other four teams are either undefeated or have one loss.

The committee has stressed conference championships as most important the past two seasons. Two years ago, TCU fell from 3 to 6 and was hopped by conference champion and undefeated Florida State, conference champion Ohio State, and co-Big 12 champ Baylor who they lost to. Does the same happen to Ohio State?

I believe Penn State and USC have made an argument of why the committee will consider expanding the playoff to 8 teams in the future. Its simple, teams change a lot from September to December. Some teams get better as some teams get worse. If Penn State gets in, I believe they should get in over Ohio State and not Washington or Clemson. Overall, here are my projections:

Peach Bowl: 1 Alabama vs 4 Penn State
Fiesta Bowl: 2 Clemson vs 3 Washington

Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma vs Auburn
Rose Bowl: USC vs Ohio State
Cotton Bowl: Western Michigan vs Wisconsin
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Michigan

M+J's College Football Final Top 25 Rankings

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Washington
4 Clemson
5 Penn State
6 Michigan
7 Oklahoma
8 Wisconsin
10 Colorado
11 Western Michigan
12 Florida State
13 Stanford
14 Oklahoma State
15 West Virginia
16 LSU
17 Iowa
18 Auburn
19 Utah
20 Pittsburgh
21 Louisville
22 Virginia Tech
23 Washington State
24 Temple
25 South Florida

Friday, December 2, 2016

Championship Week

Championship Week-Impact Games-Friday

MAC Championship-17 Western Michigan vs Ohio
This is the biggest game (so far) in Western Michigan football history. A win here almost certainly will make them the highest rank Group of 5 Champion, which will place them in a New Year's 6 Bowl. A loss will give them a 12-1 season with no New Year's Bowl and the thought of what could have been a perfect season is done.
Prediction: Western Michigan 41, Ohio 20

PAC-12 Championship- 4 Washington vs 8 Colorado
This game has major playoff implications for both teams especially Washington. If the Huskies win, they will almost definitely be in the Playoff. However, if Colorado wins, the PAC-12 winner would not be guaranteed as the Buffaloes would have to see what happens in the ACC and Big Ten Championship Games. They would also have to see if a PAC-12 Championship would override a loss to Michigan. Either way, there is a lot to play for on both sides, and it should be a fun game.
Prediction: Washington 27, Colorado 24

Championship Week-Impact Games-Saturday

AAC Championship-19 Navy vs Temple
Since Western Michigan won, Navy's chances at a New Year's 6 are probably done unless the committee values an AAC Champion with 2 losses over an undefeated MAC champion. The Owls have been strong down the stretch, but Navy's offense was unstoppable last week.
Prediction: Navy 34, Temple 28

Conference USA Championship-Louisiana Tech vs Western Kentucky
Western Kentucky has been the best team in the conference this season. The game will likely feature a lot of offense.
Prediction: Western Kentucky 49, Louisiana Tech 37

Big 12- 10 Oklahoma State at 9 Oklahoma
The default Big 12 Championship Game does not have Playoff implications, but it is still the Bedlam game where the winner will be crowned the Big 12 Champion. The Sooners are yet to lose in conference play and are at home.
Prediction: Oklahoma 48, Oklahoma State 41

SEC Championship-1 Alabama vs 15 Florida
Even with a loss, Alabama will likely remain in the Playoff. The Crimson Tide have been unstoppable for most of their games, so it does not seem like a loss to Florida is even possible.
Prediction: Alabama 28, Florida 7 

MWC Championship-San Diego State vs Wyoming
Without Ohio winning over Western Michigan, A Temple win over Navy would mean nothing to the MWC Champion since the winner of this game has no chance at a New Year's 6 Bowl anymore. Still the winner of this game gets a great alternative prize to play in the Las Vegas Bowl. San Diego State has looked better, but the Mountain Division which Wyoming played in was much tougher.
Prediction: San Diego State 28, Wyoming 27

ACC Championship-3 Clemson vs 23 Virginia Tech
It is a do or die game for Clemson's Playoff hopes. A win and they will very likely be in. A loss and the Playoff does not seem as likely. Clemson has had its inconsistencies at time during the season that has made some of their games unexpectedly close. Will this be another one of those games? The Hokies have their eyes on a New Year's 6 Bowl, so Justin Fuente and company would love to spoil Clemson's chances to clinch that spot.
Prediction: Virginia Tech 30, Clemson 27

Big Ten Championship-6 Wisconsin vs 7 Penn State
This could be the most interesting game of the day especially if Clemson was to lose, which would make this a likely play-in game for the Playoff. If Clemson wins, what are the chances of the winner of this game to be taken over Ohio State, which did not win the Big Ten? Penn State has looked very good down the stretch and was the only team to beat Ohio State this season. Wisconsin has looked good especially on defense all season. This is definitely the most anticipated game. 
Prediction: Penn State 21, Wisconsin 20

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

College Football Playoff Contenders- Who will make the Playoffs?

The last week of the season is here and so are conference championships. The College Football Playoff Rankings came out today. USC and Florida have been eliminated from playoff contention as Oklahoma is pretty much done as well. Here are the remaining contenders in order of best odds to worst odds. 

The Tide have been dominate over the course of the season and probably punched a ticket to the Playoff with their win over Auburn. The Tide will likely make the playoffs even if they lose to Florida in the SEC Championship. A victory over Florida in the SEC Championship would cement a #1 seed in the playoff. 

Best Wins: USC, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn
Losses: None

Ohio State(11-1)
Ohio State find themselves in a different position. They can't win the Big Ten and have to sweat it out for a week. The Buckeyes own three great wins including last week's thriller over Michigan. Have they done enough even though they won't be the Big Ten Champs? Will the committee take four conference champions over the Buckeyes? If Clemson loses, I think Ohio State will be safe since this would eliminate the ACC's playoff chances. I could maybe see Colorado potentially hopping the Buckeyes if they beat Washington but its not likely. However, I don't see the Big 12 champ finishing ahead of Ohio State.

Best Wins: Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Nebraska
Losses: Penn State

The Huskies took another step towards the playoffs by winning the Apple Cup. The Pac-12 Championship against Colorado awaits. An opportunity against a playoff contender. Will a win put the Huskies in the Playoffs? A victory over the #8 team should be enough to put the Huskies in. Out of conference schedule strength doesn't help but the Pac-12 also plays 9 conference games. A loss would end their playoff hopes. 

Best Wins: Stanford, Utah, Washington State
Losses: USC

The Tigers demolished the Gamecocks this past weekend. The ACC Championship against Virginia Tech awaits for Clemson. A win should be enough for the Tigers to clinch a playoff berth as a loss would definitely end their playoff hopes.

Best Wins: Louisville, Auburn, Florida State
Losses: Pittsburgh

Losing to Ohio State has likely eliminated the Wolverines. Michigan owns one of the best trios of victories(Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State) of any team in college football but sit at #5 in the rankings and its hard to imagine a scenario they get in even if Washington and Clemson lose, unless their head to head victories gets them in over a conference champion(s) they defeated. They will certainly be sweating it out this week.

Best Wins: Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State
Losses: Iowa, Ohio State

The Badgers play Penn State in the Big Ten Championship. A win over Penn State will give them a chance at a playoff berth. A Clemson loss will likely put the Badgers in if they win the Big Ten Championship. A Washington loss would open the door as well. However, Colorado would also have a case for a playoff bid as well. Does a Big Ten Championship put Wisconsin in the playoffs? Could they bump Ohio State out of the playoff? Maybe, it depends how they value the Big Ten Champs against Ohio State's resume.

Best Wins: Nebraska, LSU, Iowa, Minnesota
Losses: Ohio State, Michigan

What a turn around in Boulder! Colorado has a chance to win the Pac-12 and is still in contention for the playoffs. Their best hope is to beat Washington and hope Clemson loses to Virginia Tech. If this happens, do they make the jump into the Top 4? Its definitely possible. Even if Clemson wins, it is also possible Colorado jumps to number 4 with a win. 

Best Wins: Stanford. Washington State, Utah
Losses: Michigan, USC

Penn State(10-2)
The Littany Lions won the Big Ten East over Ohio State and Michigan and now play Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship. A win gives Penn State a chance at cracking the Top 4. Their best hope would be to win and for Clemson to lose as Virginia Tech has no chance to make the playoff as Washington and Colorado do. They are in the same situation as Wisconsin. Win and hope the dominoes fall your way.

Best Wins: Ohio State, Iowa, Minnesota
Losses: Michigan, Pittsburgh

Not enough chaos happened last weekend making the odds very slim for Oklahoma to get in the playoffs. 

Best Wins: West Virginia
Losses: Ohio State, Houston

Monday, November 28, 2016

M+J's College Football Rankings- Week 14

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Washington
4 Clemson
5 Michigan
6 Wisconsin
7 Colorado
8 Penn State
10 Oklahoma
11 Oklahoma State
12 Western Michigan
13 Florida State
14 Stanford
15 West Virginia
16 Virginia Tech
17 LSU
18 Iowa
19 Florida
20 Louisville
21 Navy
22 Pittsburgh
23 Utah
24 Auburn
25(tie) Washington State
25(tie) South Florida

Thursday, November 24, 2016

College Football Week 13 -Rivalry Week

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Iowa over Nebraska
The Hawkeyes host the Huskers in the new Corn Bowl Rivalry. Iowa is still riding high with the upset win over Michigan. Expect a defensive battle where whoever makes more plays on defense wins. The home crowd will be loud with their A-I-O-W chant. Which defense makes more plays?

Arizona over Arizona State
The Duel in the Desert. Both teams on losing streaks. ASU has lost 5 in a row and Arizona has lost 8 in a row. The Sun Devils have a chance to become bowl eligible and to keep the Wildcats winless in conference play. The Wildcats can prevent the Sun Devils from a .500 season and bowl eligibility. Who will be more motivated to claim the Territorial Cup?

Vanderbilt over Tennessee
The Commodores are coming off a big road win over Ole Miss and have a chance to win bragging rights of the state of Tennessee. The Vols seemed to find things offensively last week against Missouri. Vanderbilt can become bowl eligible with a win. Commodores or Volunteers? Will Tennessee start strong? Does the Vanderbilt defense shut down the Volunteer offense?

New Mexico over Wyoming
The Lobos are 1 game behind the Cowboys and the Broncos. Wyoming can win the Mountain division over Boise State with a win. The pressure is on the Cowboys who travel to Albuquerque. New Mexico, with a win can also create a three way tie in first if Boise State loses to Air Force. Can the Cowboys survive the road challenge?

Iowa State over West Virginia
The Cyclones finally had a breakout performance last weekend against Texas Tech. Will the Cyclones be twisting strong in Morgantown? West Virginia was eliminated from the Big 12 Championship race last week. Will they be motivated against a suddenly red hot Iowa State team?
Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
LSU 27 Texas A&M 20North Carolina 42 NC State 28Houston 35 Memphis 14Arkansas 31 Missouri 27Washington 28 Washington State 24TCU 49 Texas 45Iowa 19 Nebraska 14Western Michigan 27 Toledo 24Baylor 70 Texas Tech 66Arizona 21 Arizona State 17Georgia 24 Georgia Tech 20Louisville 38 Kentucky 24Kansas State 45 Kansas 10Michigan 24 Ohio State 23Indiana 37 Purdue 17Northwestern 27 Illinois 0USF 38 UCF 20 Virginia Tech 34 Virginia 17Pittsburgh 49 Syracuse 31Mississippi State 27 Ole Miss 24Alabama 28 Auburn 21USC 49 Notre Dame 24Penn State 30  Michigan State 17Wisconsin 23 Minnesota 7Oregon 45 Oregon State 42UNLV 31 Nevada 24UCLA 32 California 31Colorado 27 Utah 21Clemson 28 South Carolina 22Vanderbilt 35 Tennessee 28Florida State 21 Florida 13BYU 35 Utah State 14

Stanford 56 Rice 7
Maryland 28 Rutgers 7
Connecticut 10 Tulane 7
San Jose State 31 Fresno State 14

Sunday, November 20, 2016

College Football Playoff Contenders

With two weeks left of college football, the playoff picture is starting to shape itself out. Here is a list of the top contenders and what they need to do to secure a spot or keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Tide have been dominate over the course of the season and can pretty much lock up a playoff bid with a victory over Auburn in the Iron Bowl. A victory over Florida in the SEC Championship would cement a #1 seed in the playoff. I believe even with a lose to Florida, the Tide will still be in the playoffs.

Best Wins: USC, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU
Losses: None

Ohio State(10-1)
Urban Meyer's team has played great football for most of the season and find themselves in a potential strange position. If the Buckeyes beat Michigan, they will add another marque win on their resume, BUT will not play for the Big Ten championship if Penn State beats Michigan State. Would not being a conference champion hurt the Buckeyes? Would a 1 loss Clemson, 1 loss Washington, and Big Ten Champion get in ahead of the Buckeyes? A win and a Clemson or Washington loss would help the Buckeyes chances.

Best Wins: Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Nebraska
Losses: Penn State

Unlike the Buckeyes, the Wolverines can still win the Big Ten. Their heated rivalry with the Buckeyes will be on center stage this weekend as the loser will likely be eliminated from playoff contention. The Wolverines own the best trio of victories(Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State) of any team in college football and can add another big win this week and march to the Big Ten Championship. If they beat the Buckeyes, but lose to Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship, would they still make it? There would definitely be a chance. Most important thing is to beat Ohio State.

Best Wins: Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State
Losses: Iowa

Another big rivalry game this week- the Apple Cup. Winner takes the north. The Huskies can take another step towards the playoffs and the Cougs can end their dreams of the Playoffs and the Pac-12 championship. Out of conference schedule strength doesn't help, therefore the margin of error is thin. A loss would end their playoff hopes. A win and a Pac-12 Championship victory over Colorado or USC would give them a chance at a playoff berth.

Best Wins: Stanford, Utah
Losses: USC

At times the Tigers have looked really good this season and other times they haven't been their best. They need to take care of business against South Carolina and win the ACC championship. A loss would definitely end their playoff hopes as well as the ACC's playoff hopes.

Best Wins: Louisville, Auburn, Florida State
Losses: Pittsburgh

The Badgers have played a very tough schedule and played well against their schedule keeping playoff hopes alive. A rivalry with Minnesota is a must win for the Badgers. Anymore losses would eliminate the Badgers from playoff contention. Beat Minnesota and win the Big Ten Championship is what the Badgers can do to increase their odds of a playoff berth. Would this get them in over a 1 loss conference champ? How about 1 loss Ohio State, who they lost to?

Best Wins: Nebraska, LSU, Iowa
Losses: Ohio State, Michigan

The Buffaloes are the biggest surprise this season. Mike Macintyre has completely turned things around in Boulder and can win the Pac-12 South with a victory over Utah. If Colorado beats Utah and then beats the Apple Cup Champion would they have a chance at the playoffs? The answer is yes, but no guarantee. The Buffaloes need to keep winning and hope chaos strikes Clemson, Oklahoma, or the Big Ten.

Best Wins: Stanford. Washington State
Losses: Michigan, USC

Penn State(9-2)
James Franklin has built the Nittany Lions into a contender this season. With one game remaining, Penn State can with the Big Ten East with a victory over Michigan State and a Michigan loss. In order to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot, the Wolverines need to lose and the Lions need to take care of business against Michigan State. If both happen, a showdown with the Badgers awaits.

Best Wins: Ohio State, Iowa, Minnesota
Losses: Michigan, Pittsburgh

The Sooners are still unbeaten in conference play and have an outside chance of still making the playoffs. With their Bedlam rivalry remaining, they need to beat the Cowboys to keep their hopes alive. With losses to Houston and Ohio State, can the Sooners crack the Top 4? They likely need chaos in the Pac-12 and Big Ten as well as Clemson to lose to feel good about their chances.

Best Wins: West Virginia
Losses: Ohio State, Houston

The Trojans are playing very good football right now. Can the Trojans crack the Top 4? Not likely, but with two weeks remaining it is still possible. They pretty much need a lot of the contenders above them to trip up, especially the Buffaloes. Their fringe hopes are eliminated with a Colorado victory over Utah.

Best Wins: Washington, Colorado,
Losses: Alabama, Utah, Stanford

The Gators, like the Trojans, are fringe candidates. They are still alive because they have a chance to add two more marque wins to their resume. They travel to Tallahassee in a must win for the Gators. Beat the Noles first. Then the task of slaying Alabama approaches. Would wins over both get them in contention? Yes, but they will likely need some madness in other conferences to increase their chances.

Best Wins: LSU
Losses: Tennessee, Arkansas

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 12

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Michigan
4 Washington
5 Clemson
6 Wisconsin
7 Colorado
8 Penn State
10 Oklahoma
11 Oklahoma State
12 Louisville
13 Western Michigan
14 Nebraska
15 Florida State
16 Florida 
17 Stanford
18 Boise State
19 Houston
20 Washington State
21 Utah
22 Auburn
23 West Virginia
24 Texas A&M
25 Navy

Friday, November 18, 2016

College Football Week 12

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

TCU over Oklahoma State
The Horned Frogs host the Cowboys, and they are still TCU, which is never an easy place to play. TCU has played better lately and can still position themselves in a decent bowl if they finish strong. Pressure is one for the Cowboys, who still have a shot at the Big 12 title. Can the Cowboys stay on track or will their dreams die in Fort Worth?

Notre Dame over Virginia Tech
The Irish are slowly getting better, which is a good sign for Irish fans. Notre Dame really needs this to keep their bowl hopes alive. The Hokies come to town after a home loss to an average Georgia Tech team. Can the hangover continue for VA Tech?

West Virginia over Oklahoma
Both teams still have an outside chance at the College Football Playoff. If the Mountaineers can pull the upset, they will be in the driver's seat with a great chance of finishing with only one loss. The Sooners have not been as dominating as their Top 10 ranking and have a chance to prove that they are for real. In a hostile Morgantown atmosphere, the Mountaineers have a great opportunity ahead.

The Citadel over North Carolina
The Citadel has yet to lose this season, and North Carolina just lost to their arch nemesis Duke last week. If they are still thinking about that one, The Citadel could very well sneak up on them and remain undefeated. This definitely is not one for the Tar Heels to sleep on.

Mississippi State over Arkansas
Mississippi State is at home, and Arkansas has not performed too great away from home. The Bulldogs ripped Texas A&M not too long ago, so why not the Razorbacks too?

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
TCU 45 Oklahoma State 38
Nebraska 42 Maryland 17
Baylor Kansas State
NC State Miami(FL)
LSU 17 Florida 3
Utah 45 Oregon 24
Pittsburgh 41 Duke 24
Northwestern  21 Minnesota 20
Colorado 34 Washington State 31
San Diego State 35 Wyoming 31
Michigan 45 Indiana 21
Notre Dame 28 Virginia Tech 24
Florida State 49 Syracuse 24
Stanford 28 California 14
Clemson 28 Wake Forest 17
Mississippi State 26 Arkansas 24
Washington 63 Arizona State 21
West Virginia 31 Oklahoma 28
Ole Miss 17 Vanderbilt 10
USC 35 UCLA 20

Kentucky 73 Austin Peay 3
Wisconsin 31 Purdue 0
Boston College 20 Connecticut 7

New Mexico State 27 Texas State 17

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 11

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Michigan
4 Washington
5 Clemson
6 Louisville
7 Wisconsin
8 Colorado
9 Penn State
10 Utah
11 Washington State
12 USC
13 West Virginia
14 Oklahoma
15 Western Michigan
16 Oklahoma State
17 Nebraska
18 Florida State
19 LSU
20 Stanford
21 Boise State
22 Auburn
23 Texas A&M
24 Troy
25 Florida

Friday, November 11, 2016

College Football Week 11

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Texas over West Virginia
The Longhorns are at home where they have been tough this season. The Mountaineers do play defense unlike the rest of the conference, but West Virginia (like the rest of the conference) has struggled on the road.

Virginia over Miami (FL)
Virginia is always hard to predict. Every once in a while they look great. Miami (FL) has not been too good lately. Could this be a win for the Cavaliers?

Texas State over Idaho
Idaho being a road favorite does not sound right, but they are. Texas State has not been good with the exception of winning at Ohio back in Week 1. Could the excitement of being bowl eligible with a win make the Vandals under perform? It depends if Texas State still has some fight left.

Utah State over New Mexico
New Mexico is having a much better season than the Aggies. However, Utah State is at home, and New Mexico does not seem good enough to feel like this one will be a shoe in for them. This is why the Lobos are on upset watch right now.

Army over Notre Dame
It's been a bad season for the Irish. Could they really lose to Navy and Army in the same season? Anything is possible this season with how bad Notre Dame has looked at times especially since Army is much better than usual. This one could go either way. If the Army team that won at Wake Forest shows up, an upset is happening. If the one from last week's game again against Air Force arrives, it will be good news for the Irish.

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
Oklahoma 51  Baylor 31
Tennessee 38 Kentucky 21
Texas 38 West Virginia 35
Penn State 42  Indiana 27
Auburn 28 Georgia 17
Notre Dame 24 Army 21
Clemson 35 Pittsburgh 28
Troy 31 Appalachian State 21
Virginia Tech 27 Georgia Tech 10
Ohio State 55 Maryland 21
Oklahoma State 66 Texas Tech 49
Louisville 45 Wake Forest 10
Stanford 20 Oregon 10
LSU 21 Arkansas 17
USF 34 Memphis 32
Nebraska 27 Minnesota 17
Texas A&M 31 Ole Miss 21
Washington 38 USC 28
Michigan 35 Iowa 14
Washington State 54 California 38

Alabama 45 Miss State 14
Wisconsin 31 Illinois 0
Florida 17 South Carolina 7

Iowa State 31 Kansas 14

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 11

1 Alabama
2 Washington
3 Michigan
4 Clemson
5 Ohio State
6 Louisville
7 Wisconsin
8 Auburn
9 Colorado
10 Penn State
11 Utah
12 Washington State
13 West Virginia
14 Texas A&M
15 Western Michigan
16 Oklahoma
17 North Carolina
18 Nebraska
19 Oklahoma State
20 USC
21 Virginia Tech
22 Florida State
23 LSU
24 Boise State
25 Stanford

Friday, November 4, 2016

College Football Week 10

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Virginia over Wake Forest
Virginia almost upset Louisville last week while Wake lost at home to Army. If both teams continue in this direction, then Virginia should pull the road upset.

Kansas State over Oklahoma State
The Wildcats are at home.  No Big 12 team has shown to be dominant enough to like their chances on the road unless they are playing at Iowa State or Kansas. Therefore, an upset is likely here.

Arkansas over Florida
The Gators are the most overrated team in the Top 25 and have yet to win any games of note. This is their hardest road trip yet. Arkansas needs this one. This could an upset special.

LSU over Alabama
This might be the best chance to see Alabama lose this season. It does not seem likely, but the Tigers offense has been playing better lately. An upset is possible, and the Tigers are certainly fired up. You never know.

SMU over Memphis
SMU beat Houston when they came to town. Why can't they beat Memphis at home?

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
Notre Dame 34 Navy 31
Army 16 Air Force 14
Auburn 42 Vanderbilt 14
Louisville 45 Boston College 7
Texas Tech 63 Texas 56
Wisconsin 21 Northwestern 13
UNC 35 Georgia Tech 24
Miami(FL) 37 Pittsburgh 35
Michigan 48 Maryland 14
Clemson 48 Syracuse 31
Baylor 56 TCU 42
BYU 31 Cincinnati 17
USC 49 Oregon 28
Penn State 28 Iowa 14
Kentucky 28 Georgia 24
Alabama 21 LSU 19
Ohio State 27 Nebraska 24
Washington 42 California 30

West Virginia 56 Kansas 3
Colorado State 28 Fresno State 10
UCF 17 Tulane 7

Rice 33 Florida Atlantic 28

Monday, October 31, 2016

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 10

1 Alabama
2 Washington
3 Michigan
4 Clemson
5 Louisville
6 Ohio State
7 Texas A&M
8 Wisconsin
9 Nebraska
10 Auburn
11 Utah
12 Colorado
13 Baylor
14 West Virginia
15 Washington State
16 Florida
17 Penn State
18 Oklahoma
19 Western Michigan
20 North Carolina
21 LSU
22 Florida State
23 Oklahoma State
24 USC
25 Boise State

Saturday, October 29, 2016

College Football Week 9

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Oklahoma State over West Virginia
Oklahoma State has a controversial loss and without it would only have 1 loss. The Mountaineers come to town for a game that will be their most difficult of the season so far. This could be a trap for West Virginia.

Oregon over Arizona State
The Ducks are a win away from winning every game against the Sun Devils for an entire decade. Arizona State always struggles on the road, and Oregon is looking to win their first Pac-12 game. It feels like the Ducks dominance could continue here.

Iowa State over Kansas State
Iowa State almost beat Baylor when the Bears came to town. Kansas State is not as good as Baylor which is why an upset is possible here.

Texas over Baylor
Charlie Strong needs a big win. They came very close against Oklahoma and at Kansas State. An undefeated Baylor team goes to town that seems ripe for an upset. For a 3-4 team, Texas has shown pretty well, so something could give for them here. Will this be the game that helps put Charlie Strong and the Longhorns on track?

Georgia over Florida
Georgia has struggled lately but has played a much tougher schedule than the Gators. Florida has looked very lackluster at times this year just like last season and seems bound to be upset at some point. The Bulldogs are looking to get back on track, and this rivalry game could the one that does.

Notre Dame over Miami(FL)
Miami(FL) has lost 3 in a row and now travel to Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish defense has been much improved lately. This could be the Irish's chance to finally get another win. The Hurricanes are in the middle of a collapse and seem to be in free fall with no signs of stopping.

Florida State over Clemson
Clemson has had 2 close calls where luck was on their side. The Seminoles are out for revenge from last year's loss. They get the Tigers at home this year, which could be a major road block for Dabo's boys.

Wisconsin over Nebraska
The Badgers barely lost to Michigan and Ohio State and have looked like a Top 10 team all year. Nebraska has not played anyone this good yet, and they have to go to Madison too. This seems like an obvious pick.

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
West Virginia 31 Oklahoma State 28
Michigan 42 Michigan St 7
TCU 52 Texas Tech 45
Texas 44 Baylor 42
Georgia 24 Florida 21
Washington 28 Utah 24
Indiana 32 Maryland 21
Notre Dame 37 Miami(FL) 34
Ohio State 35 Northwestern 24
Oregon 49 Arizona State 42
Wisconsin 24 Nebraska 14
Boise State 30 Wyoming 21
Tennessee 34 South Carolina 10
Auburn 35 Ole Miss 21
Florida State 29 Clemson 24
Washington State 38 Oregon State 17
Stanford 21 Arizona 17

Oklahoma 63 Kansas 7
NC State 31 Boston College 10
Wake Forest 17 Army 13

East Carolina 27 UConn 17

Monday, October 24, 2016

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 9

1 Alabama
2 Washington
3 Michigan
4 Clemson
5 Louisville
6 West Virginia
7 Baylor
8 Nebraska
9 Ohio State
10 Wisconsin
11 Utah
12 Texas A&M
13 Boise State
14 Auburn
15 Florida State
16 Colorado
17 Tennessee
18 Washington State
19 Oklahoma
20 Penn State
21 Florida
22 Western Michigan
23 North Carolina
24 LSU
25 Navy

Saturday, October 22, 2016

College Football Week 8

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Memphis over Navy
Navy is still flying high over their huge win over Houston, but are currently tied at the top with the Tigers. Memphis will be ready in this huge West Division battle as both teams need a win in order to take one step closer to the Division title. The Midshipmen better to be focused at home as the Tigers will try to steal this one to take the Division lead.

Tennessee-Martin over Georgia State
The Panthers are 1-5 this season and play Tennessee-Martin which will ready to play with nothing to lose. With some winnable games ahead, Georgia State needs to stay focused and be energized as there is still time to turn this season around.

Michigan State over Maryland
Is this an upset? So far the Terps have had a better season and get the Spartans at home. The Spartans have been struggling this season. However, the Terps have lost two in a row. Will Mark Dantonio have his team motivated to try to turn this season around?  Which team will end their losing streak?

Middle Tennessee State over Missouri
Missouri coming off a big loss to Florida and now get upset-minded Middle Tennessee. The Blue Raiders have had this game circled and would love to steal this one from the Tigers. The Tigers need to put last week's loss behind them. Who will be more energized?

UCLA over Utah
The Utes are currently tied at the top of Pac-12 South with Colorado and now get the Bruins in the Rose Bowl. If UCLA has any hope left to win the Pac-12 South, this is a must-win. Rosen is a game time decision for the Bruins. Will he be ready to go? This should be a great defensive game. Whose defense will make more plays? The Utes need this one to stay at the top of the South.

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
Wisconsin 24  Iowa 14
Louisville 38 NC State 21
Northwestern 24 Indiana 21
Kansas State 34 Texas 30 
Stanford 28 Colorado 27
Washington 56 Oregon State 14
Michigan State 20 Maryland 17
Toledo 37 Central Michigan 34
Memphis 42 Navy 39
West Virginia 28 TCU 21
Western Michigan 45 Eastern Michigan 21
Alabama 42 Texas A&M 35
Utah 17 UCLA 13
Auburn 32 Arkansas 24
Ohio State 42 Penn State 28
Oklahoma 49 Texas Tech 47
LSU 28 Ole Miss 21
Washington State 45 Arizona State 28

Michigan 66, Illinois 7
Minnesota 38 Rutgers 10
UConn 16, UCF 13

Bowling Green 34, Miami (OH) 28

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 8

1 Alabama
2 Washington
3 Ohio State
4 Michigan
5 Clemson
6 Texas A&M
7 Louisville
8 West Virginia
9 Baylor
10 Nebraska
11 Wisconsin
12 Utah
13 Boise State
14 Houston
15 Florida State
16 Oklahoma
17 Tennessee
18 Washington State
19 Florida
20 Colorado
21 Auburn
22 Western Michigan
23 North Carolina
24 Arkansas
25 Navy

Friday, October 14, 2016

College Football Week 7

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Georgia Southern over Georgia Tech
The Eagles almost pulled the upset a couple years ago. This Georgia Tech team is not the caliber of that one and has struggled. However, the Eagles have not shown to be as good either, but this game has been circled for 2 years.

Virginia over Pittsburgh
Virginia is consistently the most night and day team each season is starting to play better, so watch out Pittsburgh. The Cavaliers could have one those days where you wonder how this team lost to Richmond.

Arizona over USC
USC has looked great at home but now they return to the road where they go to Arizona. The same place Washington needed Overtime for a win. Therfore, this very well could be an upset.
Indiana over Nebraska
Nebraska is ranked in the Top 10 for beating Oregon, which could be the Pac-12's worst by 3 at home, and really nothing much to show. Indiana gave Ohio State a tough game last week. The Cornhuskers seem ripe for an upset here as they travel to Indiana for this one.

Wisconsin over Ohio State
Wisconsin already beat LSU and almost won at Michigan. The Badgers get Ohio State at their stadium, and they know this game is needed to keep playoff hopes alive. The Buckeyes struggled to put Indiana away, so a slip up could be possible here. 

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
Clemson 42 NC State 21
Maryland 31 Minnesota 27
Oklahoma 41 Kansas State 37
West Virginia 38 Texas Tech 31
Florida State 35 Wake Forest 14
Alabama 37 Tennessee 28
Indiana 27 Nebraska 17
Miami(FL) 33 North Carolina 21
Ole Miss 48 Arkansas 38
Colorado 49 Arizona State 35
Wisconsin 24 Ohio State 21
Washington State 42 UCLA 31

Baylor 63, Kansas 14
LSU 41, Southern Miss 17
Florida 17, Missouri 14

Marshall 38, FAU 21

Monday, October 10, 2016

M + J's College Football Rankings Top 25- Week 7

1 Alabama
2 Washington
3 Michigan
4 Ohio State
5 Clemson
6 Texas A&M
7 Louisville
8 Wisconsin
9 Tennessee
10 Baylor
11 Nebraska
12 West Virginia
13 Utah
14 Boise State
15 Houston
16 Florida State
17 Miami FL
18 Virginia Tech
19 Ole Miss
20 Arizona State
21 Auburn
22 Oklahoma
23 Washington State
24 Western Michigan
25 Navy 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

College Football Week 6

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Mississippi State over Auburn
The Bulldogs are home and Auburn  is finally making their road debut after struggling at home for their first 4 games. This makes this seem like a likely upset.

Texas over Oklahoma
Texas won last year, and Charlie Strong is taking defense into his own hands. Both teams have struggled some on defense. If Texas can defend, an upset is likely.

BYU over Michigan State
Michigan State has struggled lately especially on offense. BYU has played a gaunlet with having every game being decided by 3 or less points. The Cougars are bound to pull one out that wasn't expected.
Army over Duke
Army started strong before losing to Buffalo. With the exception of the Notre Dame win, Duke has been dismal. If the Army team from the first 3 games shows up, the Black Knights should win.

Penn State over Maryland
Penn State is at home against an undefeated Maryland team that hasn't played the greatest schedule. A stumble here feels like a strong possibility.
Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
Texas 42 Oklahoma 38
Minnesota 24 Iowa 20
Penn State 41 Maryland 35
Notre Dame 28 NC State 21
Pittsburgh 42 Georgia Tech 21
Toledo 45 Eastern Michigan 28
Houston 42 Navy 24
North Carolina 48 Virginia Tech 28
Ohio State 45 Indiana 21
Texas A&M 34 Tennessee 28
BYU 25 Michigan State 24
Colorado 38 USC 31
Alabama 42 Arkansas 28
Kansas State 49 Texas Tech 28
Washington 52 Oregon 28
Miami 30 Florida State 27
Utah 27 Arizona 21
UCLA 45 Arizona State 34
Stanford 31 Washington State 14

Michigan 49, Rutgers 7
Akron 38, Miami (OH) 10
Mississippi State 17, Auburn 12

FAU 34, Charlotte 28

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

M+J's College Football Top 25 Rankings- Week 6

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Michigan
4 Washington
5 Clemson
6 Louisville
7 Houston
8 Texas A&M
9 Tennessee
10 Miami FL
11 Stanford
12 Wisconsin
13 Baylor
14 Nebraska
15 Ole Miss
17 Colorado
18 Boise State
19 West Virginia
20 Arkansas
21 North Carolina
22 Utah
23 Oklahoma
24 Western Michigan
25 Maryland

Friday, September 30, 2016

College Football Week 5

UPSET WATCH- Teams that could get upset

Oklahoma State over Texas
The Cowboys are at home and don't want to lose their third game. This might be a pretty safe call.

California over Utah
The Golden Bears are at home and Utah has not faced this tough of an opponent on the road yet. Cal also is out for revenge from last year.

Bowling Green over Eastern Michigan
It's hard to believe that beating Eastern Michigan would be an upset, but the Eagles are surprising 3-1 and are traveling to a Bowling Green team that has looked really bad. However, the Falcons are home, and the Eagles are not used to being the favorite. Therefore, they could let up on the road.
UMass over Tulane
UMass played Mississippi State tough last week. Tulane barely escaped UL-Lafayette. The Minutemen are at hope where weather should play to their advantage.

Arizona over UCLA
The Bruins have owned this series recently. Both teams are coming off to narrow home losses to Stanford and Washington. The Huskies just blew out the Cardinal making Arizona's narrow loss to the Huskies impressive. Therefore, maybe this means something.

Weekend Picks
Score Projections:
Washington 27, Stanford 21
BYU 24, Toledo 10
Notre Dame 49, Syracuse 31
Oklahoma State 52, Texas 44
Miami(FL) 31, Georgia Tech 14
Air Force 24, Navy 14
Tennessee 38, Georgia 24
Florida State 48, North Carolina 28
Michigan 27, Wisconsin 20
West Virginia 35, Kansas State 28 
Penn State 31, Minnesota 21
TCU 38, Oklahoma 33
California 31, Utah 24
Ole Miss 45, Memphis 35
Western Michigan 49, Central Michigan 34
LSU 17, Missouri 10
Louisville 42, Clemson 34
Michigan State 27, Indiana 17
USC 38, Arizona State 24
Arizona 28, UCLA 24

Arkansas 63, Alcorn State 3
Auburn 24, UL-Monroe 7
Iowa 10, Northwestern 6

FAU 20, FIU 17