Tuesday, November 29, 2016

College Football Playoff Contenders- Who will make the Playoffs?

The last week of the season is here and so are conference championships. The College Football Playoff Rankings came out today. USC and Florida have been eliminated from playoff contention as Oklahoma is pretty much done as well. Here are the remaining contenders in order of best odds to worst odds. 

The Tide have been dominate over the course of the season and probably punched a ticket to the Playoff with their win over Auburn. The Tide will likely make the playoffs even if they lose to Florida in the SEC Championship. A victory over Florida in the SEC Championship would cement a #1 seed in the playoff. 

Best Wins: USC, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn
Losses: None

Ohio State(11-1)
Ohio State find themselves in a different position. They can't win the Big Ten and have to sweat it out for a week. The Buckeyes own three great wins including last week's thriller over Michigan. Have they done enough even though they won't be the Big Ten Champs? Will the committee take four conference champions over the Buckeyes? If Clemson loses, I think Ohio State will be safe since this would eliminate the ACC's playoff chances. I could maybe see Colorado potentially hopping the Buckeyes if they beat Washington but its not likely. However, I don't see the Big 12 champ finishing ahead of Ohio State.

Best Wins: Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Nebraska
Losses: Penn State

The Huskies took another step towards the playoffs by winning the Apple Cup. The Pac-12 Championship against Colorado awaits. An opportunity against a playoff contender. Will a win put the Huskies in the Playoffs? A victory over the #8 team should be enough to put the Huskies in. Out of conference schedule strength doesn't help but the Pac-12 also plays 9 conference games. A loss would end their playoff hopes. 

Best Wins: Stanford, Utah, Washington State
Losses: USC

The Tigers demolished the Gamecocks this past weekend. The ACC Championship against Virginia Tech awaits for Clemson. A win should be enough for the Tigers to clinch a playoff berth as a loss would definitely end their playoff hopes.

Best Wins: Louisville, Auburn, Florida State
Losses: Pittsburgh

Losing to Ohio State has likely eliminated the Wolverines. Michigan owns one of the best trios of victories(Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State) of any team in college football but sit at #5 in the rankings and its hard to imagine a scenario they get in even if Washington and Clemson lose, unless their head to head victories gets them in over a conference champion(s) they defeated. They will certainly be sweating it out this week.

Best Wins: Wisconsin, Colorado, Penn State
Losses: Iowa, Ohio State

The Badgers play Penn State in the Big Ten Championship. A win over Penn State will give them a chance at a playoff berth. A Clemson loss will likely put the Badgers in if they win the Big Ten Championship. A Washington loss would open the door as well. However, Colorado would also have a case for a playoff bid as well. Does a Big Ten Championship put Wisconsin in the playoffs? Could they bump Ohio State out of the playoff? Maybe, it depends how they value the Big Ten Champs against Ohio State's resume.

Best Wins: Nebraska, LSU, Iowa, Minnesota
Losses: Ohio State, Michigan

What a turn around in Boulder! Colorado has a chance to win the Pac-12 and is still in contention for the playoffs. Their best hope is to beat Washington and hope Clemson loses to Virginia Tech. If this happens, do they make the jump into the Top 4? Its definitely possible. Even if Clemson wins, it is also possible Colorado jumps to number 4 with a win. 

Best Wins: Stanford. Washington State, Utah
Losses: Michigan, USC

Penn State(10-2)
The Littany Lions won the Big Ten East over Ohio State and Michigan and now play Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship. A win gives Penn State a chance at cracking the Top 4. Their best hope would be to win and for Clemson to lose as Virginia Tech has no chance to make the playoff as Washington and Colorado do. They are in the same situation as Wisconsin. Win and hope the dominoes fall your way.

Best Wins: Ohio State, Iowa, Minnesota
Losses: Michigan, Pittsburgh

Not enough chaos happened last weekend making the odds very slim for Oklahoma to get in the playoffs. 

Best Wins: West Virginia
Losses: Ohio State, Houston

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