Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Biggest Seeding Questions

As the Selection Show began, we went into it wanting to hate it since they decided to move away from the suspenseful format that kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the show wondering who was getting in until the last 11 seed was revealed. Surprisingly, this format was better than we expected, but we don't think it will ever beat the traditional way though. 

With this being said, there were a few head scratchers in the seeding department.

1. Most Over Seeded Team: Creighton
- Many people predicted the Bluejays as a #10 because they had only 2 Q1 wins (H-Villanova and N-UCLA). There was a few good Q2 home wins, but if there is this point system that values quality Q1 wins, Creighton should have been closer to the cut line. Instead, they were rewarded with a #8 seed.

2. Most Under Seeded Team: Providence
- Many people predicted the Friars to be a 7 or 8 but fell victim to a seed bump that moved them to a 10 from a 9. This was because Creighton and Seton Hall were already #8 seeds in the brackets that didn't have Xavier or Villanova's 1 seed. Since they cannot face a Big East opponent to the Sweet Sixteen, they were pumped. However, the Friars beat Xavier twice and Villanova once giving them 5 Q1 wins. Their resume was clearly better than Creighton's, but somehow are seeded 2 lines lower.

3. CS- Fullerton a 15 seed and Penn a 16 seed?
- When you compare the 2 teams, Penn's resume is better in almost every aspect and even look much better when watching them. Surprisingly, this was't the only odd thing on these lines.

4. Xavier Plays Winner of Teams 67 and 68, Not Virginia
- Virginia is the overall #1 seed and got matched with UMBC instead of the winner of 67/68. Xavier, the 4th #1 seed, gets the winner instead. Obviously, a 16 seed has never beat a #1, and UMBC likely will not be the first one too. 

5. Injuries Mattered For Some Teams' Seeding But Not Others
 a. Arizona lost 4 of their 7 games when a key player was out, and it didn't seem to matter in their final seed
 b. Texas Tech received a 3 seed instead of being lower since they lost a few games when star Keenan Evans was out with an injury.
 c. Wichita State started the season without Marcus McDuffie, and it seemed to help land them a 4 seed.
 d. Texas A&M struggled in December and January as they had multiple key pieces out. They managed to get 7 Q1 wins. We did get their seed correct, but thought that they have been higher if injuries were considered.

6. Notre Dame was 1st Team out?
 a. Notre Dame ended as the 1st team out since they lost most of their games when Bonzie Colson was hurt. At the beginning of the season, they beat short handed Wichita State in the Maui before being upset by Ball State and Indiana, which were 2 bad losses in which Bonzie played in. We still cannot figure why they were this close.
b. If Notre Dame was this close, then why wasn't Stanford considered. Stanford started the season 6-7 without Dorian Pickens. When he returned, he led them to 4th place in the PAC-12. Had Pickens been available for out of conference play, this team may have picked up the wins needed to make the dance.

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